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These lesbians bitches are totally shameless and relentless as they search for the ultimate orgasm…armed with a huge strap on dildo that is probably illegal in some countries – just look at the size of that mother fucker!

The wild bitches in heat fuck each others dripping wet pussies AND each others assholes…how the fuck can a strap on that size fit inside a lesbians anus!?  Seeing is believing as these bitches attempt the most incredible strap on dildo penetrations :)

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Horny 18 year old Will has just got herself a new dildo – being an adventurous kind of slut, she decides to try something new - anal dildo sex :)

Her new dildo may not be the longest you’ll ever see but it is nice and thick and will give her virgin anus a decent stretching – she starts pushing the head gently inside her ass, and is amazed at just how easily the full length slides in….feels so fucking good & intense for Willa – way better than she expected – her first anal dildo sex session is going to give her a very sore asshole & a very intense orgasm :)

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You can tell this hot brunette babe likes her dildo fucking hard and deep – why else would she have a big dildo with a handle on it!?

She has one cute body, one juicy looking pussy, that stretches to accommodate a dildo that must be 9″ in size – the kinky slut even starts to fuck her cunt with a speculum – maybe the combination of the speculum & her big dildo will truly satisfy the slut!

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In these videos the girls are enjoying some intense anal dildo sex, with a rather large glass dildo…it slides inside their holes so easily, it’s easy to forget the dildo is at least 7″ long and a good 1″ thick!  Anal dildo sex gives them both an added satisfaction that that can’t achieve through pussy fucking alone….the kinky bitches even lick the dildos clean after there finished!

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Teen gives her hungry little cunt a good stretching

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This cute little whores name is Ashley – she’s just 18, but already has a pretty wild sex life…she’s also developed a real love for dildos…BIG dildos :)

‘Normal’ sized dildos just never give Ashley the satisfaction she so deserves & craves…her latest toy is not the longest you’ll ever see but it is thick at the right places…the base especially, this will give that tight little cunt hole the kind of stimulation it needs to make Ashley cum…and cum again :)

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Anita is 18 years old & his been with her blonde girlfriend for over a year – she has such an innocent cute face & smile…no-one would ever guess that in the bedroom she is a totally dominant bitch…

The girls have used strapons many times before but this is by far the BIGGEST fuck toy they’ve ever encountered – it’s no surprise that both their pussies are dripping with juice before they even touch each other – Anita wears the strap on first….she pushes her girlfriend on her side and starts to push the 35″+ strapon dildo against her girlfriends cunt…how will it ever stretched to accommodate such a massive strapon fuck toy…the scary thing is Anita wants to fuck her lovers ass with the strapon too…now that has GOT TO hurt!

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This blonde sluts name is Iris. By her own admission she has a big hungry cunt that needs a whole lot of satisfying!

In this latest Brutal Dildos episode she loosens up her hole with a giant cream coloured dildo – 99% of chicks would be scared stiff even to touch a dildo that size, but not Iris – it’s just foreplay for her!  After her juices flowing Iris reaches for a beige ribbed dildo – this is the fuck toy that’s gonna make her pussy squirt…

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Pornstar Savanah Gold has had some MASSIVE cocks & objects rammed up her cunt in her career…but she’s never fucked a dildo this size before!

‘Normal’ chicks would run a mile from such a monster fuck toy – but Savanah LOVES a challenge, and you can be sure she is going to try her very hardest to get every single inch of the huge dildo inside her cunt…will she succeed?  Well let’s just say seeing is believing :)

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This 18 year old brunette has such an innocent face & smile…no one would ever guess at home when she’s alone she is a total dildo slut…she own several LARGE dildos, which she uses regularly…but today, she is using TWO slightly smaller fuck toys so she can double penetrate herself :)

She shoves the longer thinner dildo deep inside her ass…and the fatter dildo up her juicy little pussy….nothing on earth compares to the sensation of having BOTH holes stretched and satisfied at the same time…maybe next time she’ll try double dildoing herself with two of her LARGER dildos :)

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